I’m invigorated by the potential of discovery– the excitement of staring at a blank canvas and not knowing what will happen. When I sit down to paint, I let my intuition guide me and seek to convey the speed, energy, movement and organized chaos that exists both in the natural and man-made world. 

Growing up in Hong Kong with a Taiwanese mother and American father, I’ve always been fascinated and excited by the intersection of East and West.  I bring that into my work as an artist, blending the aesthetics and techniques of Western abstract expressionism and Asian calligraphy art.

My work explores the contrasts between various environments and how they can interact to create something new. I blend what I see in the serene landscapes of my Lowcountry home with  the vigorous nature of the urban environments that I grew up in.

Through my art, I hope to inspire others to embrace the richness and diversity of our world, to explore new horizons, and to celebrate the beauty that arises from the intersection of different cultures and traditions.